NovoPro PS1 Podium Stand Competition Prize
Our latest competition prize is a pair of Novopro PS1 podium stands – the compact, versatile and convenient alternative to truss pillars. The PS1 is a fully height-adjustable moving head/podium stand which looks sleek and professional as part of any mobile DJ setup thanks to a powder-coated black finish and white scrim sock. With a unique design, DJs can utilize the PS1’s adjustable pillars to set the stand at whatever height they require and mount anything from a moving head to a wedding cake on the secure anti-slip top plate. A range of accessories - listed on the NovoPro website - are also available including a speaker mount and even a lecturn top!

Innovative, flexible and extremely portable, this pair of Novopro PS1 stands will be a convenient and stylish addition to any mobile rig. To enter the free draw for this unique prize, simply send us your answer to the following question:

The Novopro PS1 Podium Stand allows you to mount lighting fixtures, fog machines, etc. securely on its top plate, but what is the maximum loading weight (in kg) stated by Novopro?

Not sure? Dig out your copy of the last Pro Mobile (issue 67 – Sept/Oct 2014) and scan over the Novopro PS1 review on page 86. Alternatively, you can head over to

Once you think you have the answer, you can enter the competition by filling out the form below:

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